Issue 73 | March 2019
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Dwayne Gretzky is happening next week

We are thrilled to present a spectacular concert with Dwayne Gretzky on Thursday, March 28th at The Opera House! 

Dwayne Gretzky is a live music collective celebrating the greatest songs of all time. Join us for a great night while giving back to the community.

All proceeds will provide vulnerable youth with the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities. Typically, these are youth who come from financially struggling families, have mental health challenges, or are current and former foster care youth.

Limited tickets are available! Get yours today. Click here.

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They sure don’t make hamentashen like they used to 
Written by: Rabbi Mordechai Chemel

Research shows that traditional hamantaschen were built differently than their modern day descendants. The originals were plain old pastry pockets with a delicious poppy-seed filling secretly concealed inside.

This design mirrored the events that unfolded in the story of Purim. On the outside it seemed that it was just a string of ‘run of the mill’ coincidences that saved the Jewish people. However, at the end of the Megillah, we see clearly that a miracle had been flowing ‘beneath the surface’.

So what hamantaschen message can we take to heart (and stomach) in 2019? We go through our modern lives convinced that life is made up of random encounters. There appears to be no reason or purpose to our day to day travels on this planet. Along comes the mighty hamentashen and says “don’t be fooled!”. Behind the boring ‘crust’ of our day to day affairs, is a kind and sweet Creator who lovingly orchestrates everything that happens to us. Nothing in our lives is by chance. All is for the good. Wishing you all a happy Purim and... enjoy your hamentashens!

It's not too late to send Purim cards in lieu of Mishloach Manot. Click here to place your order. 

Giving tzedakah can start at any age, just ask MoMo

A message from MoMo's mother:

Our children are so lucky to be surrounded by people who love them, have their health and all the things they need (and most of the things they want!) We try to teach them that this is not always the case, even within the Toronto Jewish Community. We feel very passionate about the important work that Jewish Family & Child is doing, looking after and advocating for the most vulnerable in our community.

Reading JF&CS’ annual report always inspires us to do more in our work and our community and to teach our children the value of tikun olam and thinking about others before themselves. I am not going to lie, our MoMo was a little disappointed not to receive many gifts at his party, but he was excited to receive his EchoAge hero certificate highlighting what a mensch he was to share his birthday “luck” with others who are not always so lucky.

Our boys' parties have always been through EchoAge; it’s so easy for the gift givers and helps teach our kids about the importance of Tzedakah from an early age. In fact, when Morris was born we already had all the baby things we needed so we did his Bris as an EchoAge event and the donations went to JF&CS at that time as well! 

Want to host an EchoAge party? If you have an upcoming celebration and would like to learn more, please click here.

Proud moment for the JDD

Recently the Jerome D. Diamond Adolescent Centre was visited by the Deputy Consul General of Israel, Nissan Amdur and the Dean of Social Work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Prof. Mona Khoury-Kassabri. They were extremely impressed by the program as compared to the residential model that they have back in Israel. In particular they were impressed by how supportive the school is of the students. Robyn Cohen, Manager of the JDD, had the honour of touring them through the school and highlighting the great work we do.

Over the past four decades, the JDD has helped hundreds of young people turn around their challenging lives and rejoin the mainstream with newfound competence and skills. The JDD’s treatment services help manage our students' issues, with the goal of re-integration into an appropriate community school.


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