Issue 62 | January 2018
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Dining At The Diamond

“We’re sitting in my old classroom.” This is how chef Jordan Wagman begins his cooking class to students at the Jerome D. Diamond Adolescent Centre. Sitting in the kitchen of the JDD, Jordan recalls how this used to be his classroom when he was a student at the school “some 30 years ago” as he says. Jordan credits the JDD for setting him on the right path to success. Although he admits he did not appreciate it as a teenager, he certainly does now as a successful chef, cookbook author, father, and husband. He prides himself in his efforts to give back to the community, especially the JDD. For that we are grateful.

On June 10, 2018 Jordan will be hosting Dining at the Diamond, a fundraiser in support of the Jerome D. Diamond Adolescent Centre. The JDD will be transformed into a 5-Star restaurant, an event not to be missed. Please keep an eye out for the invitation coming soon. Click here for more details.

Drive For Dreidels Success!

Our Drive for Dreidels Chanukah Toy and Gift Card Drive was very successful this year and we couldn't have done it without you! We received over 2000 great toys for every child under 10 and enough gift cards for all of our tweens and teens. 

Be sure to watch this special video featuring our clients, Daniella and Talia, who received toys this Chanukah because of the Drive for Dreidels. 

Thanks to our partners and other organizations that helped with collection - National Council of Jewish Women - Toronto Section, The Cooper/Shear Family, Miles Nadal JCC and Schwartz/Reisman Centre JCC.

Happy 150th Anniversary!

2018 marks our 150th anniversary! The agency’s roots run extremely deep within the Toronto Jewish community. JF&CS started in 1868 as the Ladies' Sick Benefit Society and has significantly grown to become one of the most innovative and effective social welfare agencies in the city.

We have a lot of exciting things planned for the year and we cannot wait to celebrate with you!

Click here to view our interactive timeline that commemorates some of the key milestones that are part of our history. It highlights over 25 of the events, achievements and individuals that significantly shaped the agency during that period.

Celebrating some of our ECHOage Donors
Ethan  Liora

We are proud to feature Ethan and Liora who recently celebrated their birthdays and generously shared their gifts with Jewish Family & Child through ECHOage.Their kindness will help transform our community’s reality into one we can all be proud to share. Supporting JF&CS can begin at any age! 

ECHOage is an easy to use online service that turns your celebration into an opportunity to give back and support JF&CS, all while having fun doing so. When your child selects JF&CS as their charity to support, the money gifted by guests will be split between your child (to purchase the birthday gift of their choice) and JF&CS! It’s a win-win! 

Thank you to Ethan and Liora for sharing their birthday with JF&CS. If you have an upcoming celebration and would like to learn more about ECHOage, please click here.


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Dining At The Diamond

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