Issue 52 | December 2016
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We are more than a week into our Drive for Dreidels and have a long way to go to collect enough toys and gift cards for all our clients.  We know that Chanukah falls late this calendar year and may not yet be on your mind, but we hope you'll find the time to drop off a new, unwrapped toy or a gift card to any of our depots.

With 13% of Toronto's Jewish population living on or below the poverty line, thousands of parents in Toronto simply do not have the income to purchase gifts for their children at Chanukah. Please join JF&CS as we strive to make the holiday special for every Jewish child.  

All of the info you'll need is in the flyer (left), but if you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact us 416.638.7800 x 6999

If you would prefer, here is a link to make a monetary donation to the Drive: 

Thank you in advance on behalf of the thousands of children and youth who will benefit from your generosity this year!


We could not be more excited to share the news that 10 of our former foster youth are heading to Israel next Sunday for a free, ten-day trip. Joining them will be three frontline social workers and one manager from JF&CS. The youth range in age from 19-24 and are all part of either our Just-Us League youth group or our Pearl Project.
The trip is the first of its kind for JF&CS and was made possible by the exceptional generosity of donors, most notably the Wattenberg Auslander Fund for whom our appreciation cannot be measured.  
Social Worker, Felicia Finkelstein who will be one of the staff on the trip shares, her thoughts and excitement.  "I think the highlight will definitely be the day that we get to spend with Israeli foster youth and teens living in group homes.  There will be a strong connection there that will be really emotional for our group.  It doesn't matter where you are geographically or what language you speak when you have such powerful shared experiences."  
he photo above was sent to us by one of the trip participants who is so excited that she just hung her JF&CS t-shirt next to an Israeli flag on her window!  We look forward to sharing the details and photos of the trip in our January issue Family Matters, so stay tuned.  



 The winter is a particularly difficult time for many of our clients living on or  significantly below the poverty line. Cold weather brings a host of financial  challenges from buying warm enough clothing, to paying more often for  transportation, to receiving higher utility bills. Often, this can leave people with  less money to purchase something as basic as their weekly groceries.    
 If you're hosting a Chanukah party this year, why not ask each of your guests  to bring a grocery store gift card with them that you would then donate to  JF&CS by calling 416.638.7800 x 6999. We strive to ensure that our clients have  the dignity of choice when purchasing food for their families. Thank you!      

Woman abuse exists in the Jewish community.

 Stereotypes and myths exist within every  community, including our own. Without  understanding the problems and their scope, we  underestimate the need for the services provided by  Jewish Family & Child.  

 While many of us are safe, healthy, and financially  stable, thousands of community members are  struggling. They are facing poverty, enduring  domestic violence, and suffering from abuse and  neglect. While you gather with your family and friends to share your successes and special occasions, there are women afraid to go home, afraid to speak freely, afraid for their children’s safety.

We ask that before 2016 comes to an end, to please help us create a safer, happier and more hopeful reality with a gift to Jewish Family & Child. This gift can mean the start of a new chapter in a woman’s life. 

We know that we can count on your help, both to spread the message and to fulfill our responsibility to support those in need. Please consider making a donation to the JF&CS Annual Campaign.  Thank you!


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