Issue 49 | September 2016
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This past June, JF&CS' billboard at Bathurst and Lawrence caught the eye of community member, Jori Lichtman. She was motivated to create #TheGivingBox - a project in which Toronto families can affect real change for Jewish people living in poverty. Using social media, Jori sent the following message on Canada Day.

Put a Giving Box (laundry basket, bag, etc.) in your home. 
Each time you do something fun this summer (amusement parks, swimming party, dinner with friends), put a non-perishable kosher item in your Giving Box.  If you have kids, get them involved in choosing the items! At the end of the summer, drop off your donations at the kosher food bank at Pride of Israel Synagogue and you'll see the difference you have made in the lives of those in need.

Jori says, "Within hours, dozens of people commented, liked, and joined #TheGivingBox movement. I wanted to ensure the idea was simple, tangible, and kid-friendly because that's what people connect with. My family and I enjoyed decorating and then filling our box throughout the summer, and it helped keep the dialogue front and centre about how fortunate we are. It was awesome to watch the #TheGivingBox movement grow throughout the summer and I'm thrilled that this community could make a difference."

JF&CS is proud of Jori, her family and all of the participating families.  We challenge you to create a Giving Box in your home.  As our billboard stated, 13% of Toronto's Jewish community lives in poverty; 100% need to eat.



Jewish Family & Child is pleased to offer a variety of special Rosh Hashana tribute cards and eCards. Let us mail them to your friends and family to let them know a donation has been made in their honour. You may also choose to order a package of blank cards and eCards are also available for your convenience. When you order Rosh Hashana cards, you are helping JF&CS create a safer, happier and more hopeful reality for those who need our help.  Click here to view our cards and place your order.



Once again, JF&CS will be tackling the stairs of the mighty CN Tower in order to raise funds for the United Way Toronto and York Region.  We are a proud member agency of UWTYR, therefore the climb is always meaningful and challenging for us.

Sunday October 23, 2016 

If you’re interested in climbing with our team, we'd love to have you!  Please click here and choose JOIN TEAM

If stairs just aren't your thing, please click here and choose GIVE NOW to sponsor someone on our team.

Thanks in advance to all who climb/donate!  


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